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Popular Online Gaming in Australia

With increase in technology and advancement of the world, the era of video games has


slowly evolved over the course of about 70 years. The invention of video game dates back to as long as 1948. Recent development and increase in the popularity of internet, since the past few decades, has provided a new direction to video gaming. Online gaming and multiplayer options are now available for internet users. The choice of playing with your friends or acquaintances, or people with whom you enjoy playing, makes it a lot more exciting and interesting. Popular video games played over the internet include online casinos, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, DOTA, Minecraft, God of War, Clash of Clans, etc.

Many of us might be aware of the craze and excitement of video games amongst the youth. But the interesting fact about them is that they are also responsible for generating large volumes of revenue for a country. According to the Global Games Market Report 2014, Australia is placed at 13th position all over the world, in terms of revenue collection, with China being the 1st. The same report highlights the overall population playing with about 21 million internet users. The total revenue collected in 2014, according to the same statistics, suggests a collection of approximately 1.2 billion US dollars in Australia and 24 billion US dollars in China. This is rather a huge number and surprising number. Types of games that involve money are also popular and online pokies in Australia are a huge hit.

Detailed analysis of the video games is published as the Digital Australia Report 2016 (Brand, J. E. & Todhunter, S. (2015), Digital Australia 2016, Eveleigh, NSW: IGEA). According to this report, as high as 98% of the Australian households have video game. 68% of the Australians play video games out of which 47% are females. About 88 minutes is the average time played by each individual on daily basis which again is surprisingly a fairly large number. Different types of devices and gadgets can be considered under this category, which includes PC, mobile, tablets, console and hand held. About 31% of the population playing video games, play online game with partners. This report provides an amazing set of data. 1274 households were extensively monitored with 3398 individuals to produce a detailed report.


The list of overall popular games in Australia is ranked as:

Title Publisher

1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Activision

2.  Watch Dogs Ubisoft

3.  FIFA 15 Electronic Arts

4.  Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games

5.  Minecraft Sony

6. Destiny Activision

7. Far Cry 4 Ubisoft

8. Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision

9. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Ubisoft

10. Battlefield 4 Electronic Arts

This list is very similar in other countries also with a few shifts here and there.

Another survey suggests that 89% of the people in Australia playing video games think that it
helps them to improve their thinking skills and coordination. On the other hand, it can be beneficial for a group of people; it can be a menace for some other group. It can hinder with your day to day social activities which can result into a complete social cutoff. People can highly indulge in video gaming which might also alter their thinking process and change their normal
perspective towards the world.

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Buying a Van for your Painting Business

Are you in the market for a new work van? I know how stressful it can be to need a new work vehicle but you have a small budget. We’re here to push you in the right direction. This post is geared mainly towards painters because they have different requirements but can help other tradesmen as well. We were recently contacted by someone at Triad Painters in High Point, NC asking for some advice on a new rig with an $8,000 budget. Sounds like a normal business situation to us so we though we’re share our answer.

Since it’s for a painting business, it needs to be a long axeled van to acomodate their long ladders. The next step was to determine their range so we could narrow gas-mileage concerns. Next up on the check list was if it needed to be a blank slate so they could add advertising or if color mattered.

After determining these criteria we were all set. We narrowed it down to 3 vans that could be used and set up for a painter. Without further ado, here they are!
2005 Chevrolet Express 1500 Cargo Van

These vans seem to be the most reliable from all of our experience and from tons of market research. This seems to be the best bet but will be a bit more pricey. You can find these vans with a little higher mileage and already outfitted to acommodate your needs because there are more of them to go around. This gets an 8/10.

2005 Ford Econoline Cargo Van

Worst gas mileage of the group but also fairly reliable. If gas mileage is an issue and you have further to drive for your service area then go ahead and skip this van. There are the second most of these types, falling directly behind the Chevorlet above. Can’t go wrong wtih this choice either. Score – 7.5/10.



Used 2005 Dodge Sprinter Cargo Van

Best gas mileage due to it’s shape and slightly less powerful engies. If you have a long ways to go then check out these vans. They can be a little less reliable but are fairly cheap to work on as they’re also pretty common and the parts are readily available. We give this van a 7/10.


This all comes down to your needs as you can tell from above. If you have any specific questions then go ahead and shoot us over an email and we’ll be glad to answer it just like in this post. Thanks to Triad Painters once again for reaching out!



Effective Tips On How to Crate Train Your Dog

A dog crate is just a place for the dog to call home. Back in history when dogs were wild they lived in dens for privacy and safety. Today a canine still likes a place that belongs to it alone. Crate training is a way to create a special place for your dog. This training is best done when it is a puppy though. Start when you first bring it home. There are definite benefits to crate training, the best being that it makes housebreaking your puppy easier. A dog does not like to soil where it sleeps, and since it sleeps in the crate it will wait until you let him out to urinate or defecate. Let’s look at how to crate train a dog.

How to Crate Train Your Dog

At first your puppy will not like being placed in the crate. It may whine for you, but do not give in, it needs to learn to stay in there at night and when you are gone. Talk to the pup and try to get it to calm down even if you have to use a stern voice. Your puppy will quiet down eventually. If the puppy is too big you may have to lure him into the crate somehow. Give them a load of praise when they are in there. At all other times of the day, leave the door to the crate open that way they can go in there if they feel tired or need a break from socialization. This is especially important when learning how to train a dog because it will teach them that being in the crate is a good thing and it will cause them to go in there more willingly.


In the event the puppy is small, just physically place him in the crate. When he gets the idea that it is his home the puppy will soon love going into it on his own. Make sure there is a comfortable blanket or dog bed in the crate. Place some dog toys in there too. You can change these out from time to time to make it more interesting for your pooch. Buy some new ones if any start to show wear.

The puppy should spend a few hours in the crate then add time until it can stay in the crate all night, or while you are work and such. It can be placed in your room at night if need be, but do not take the dog out of it if it cries. In between stays in the crate allow the dog to play and romp either outside or in the house. Now for housebreaking purposes do not put any food or water in the crate with the puppy. Let it eat and drink before it enters the crate. Actually you should let it eat, drink and go potty before getting in the crate. Also when the dog gets let out, take it
straight outside to go to the bathroom.

However, always ensure that the crate is clean, comfortable for the puppy to sleep in, has a bowl of fresh water and some toys in it for pup to play with. The crate should have enough room for the dog to get into it and sleep but not much more than that, this way he does not
mess it up. Your dog should be able to stand and turn his body around in this crate; this makes it comfortable and very humane. Also make sure to read reviews and buy a top rated dog crate for your pet.

This type of training is a great way to provide a safe place for the dog to stay at times when you cannot watch it. Also it keeps the dog from having too many accidents during the housebreaking period. Look into crate training your next puppy. You will see how convenient
it is to do and how beneficial it can be.

Detroit and Nation Wide Online Market for Cars

We are the largest Vans and Minivans dealing website along with various trailer models. Here we have gathered various American Van Dealers who are located in various states and destinations like Georgia, Michigan, California, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas and also from Colorado. These are the places which have been approached by us, there are many more of the state dealers who are in touch with us and very soon they also will be included in this website to create massive varieties of Vans and Trailers.

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